Restaurant Victoria

Restaurant Victoria is a new fine dining spot which opened for business in 2017. It is located in one of the oldest cities in Europe – Plovdiv. The restaurant is set inside the iconic Trimontium hotel and the main objective of the design was to keep the atmosphere classy, timeless and comfortable. Some of the materials used for the interior design were oak, mable and painted MDF. My main role in this project was to coordinate the manufacturing of the pieces by the company I worked for with the interior designer, developing their ideas into final shop drawings to be approved by the owner.

  • Role Design and drafting
  • For Hamefa
  • Date 2017
  • Type Commercial design

View of the bar and door

View behind the bar and bar counter

Front view of the bar

Initial drafts and versions of the bar area

Finished door to the kitchen

Drawings of the door to the kitchen

View of the wine shelving units

Oak shelving units

Drawings of the shelving units