Ice cream shop "Menta"

The project consists of creating the interior deisgn of an artiginal gelateria in the old town of Florence. One of my main considerations was to create a space, where one could feel in an open, light and inconstrainted enironment. I wanted to create a subtle sense of contrast between the function of
the space, its style, and Florence itself. I decided that a contemporary design with lots of graphic details and geometrical shapes, could convey my idea in the right way. Moreover, for me it was essential to avoid all the cliches, relevant to most of the gelaterias. I believe that a contemporary environment could only enrich the experience
of having a traditional, artigianal gelato in the heart of Florence, and make it memorable. I aimed to organize the area in a way, that is going to be convenient for the staff while still leaving enough space for the clients . The bar of the gelateria is set in a manner, which allows a free way for many
people in the same time, which is a solution to a problem with crowds I noticed in many of the ice cream shops I saw.
On of my main aims was to create a light, lively space, without it being too colourful, so I tried to keep a certain colour scheme, which also applied for the materials, which were not too diverse. In that way I kept the simplicity, yet made the design special and distinctive.

  • For Accademia Italiana Firenze
  • Date 2013
  • Type Public interior design

Perspective view of the ice cream shop

Sections of the interior

View from the table towards the bar

Details of the design – blackboard with classical gelato tastes and an ice cream shelf.

The space, lit with artificial light.