Café library "Virgola"


The project for a cafe library is set in Florence, in a building of historical significance, at Piazza Santissima Annunziata. I aimed to create a design, respectful to the spirit of the cty, and a contemporary venue for entertainment,relax and various social activities. A dynamic environment was crucial to be achieved, as for such a big space, it is easy to look too tranquil and empty. The view is one of the big advantages of the space, so my goal was to keep it intact, and as reachable as possible. Choice of fresh vivid colours was important, in order to create a unique, lively feeling to the whole cafe. The books are the focus of the interior, so they are present as much as possible as elements in the design.
As the geometry of the space is very open, some kinds of divisions were created, in order to ensure an element of privacy and intimacy.

Essential design points and objectives :

  • The division between the exterior and the interior part of the cafe is made out of glass,
    and follows a changing line.
  • A special zone for single people working or sudying is created, with a desk available. It is
    enclosed between two walls, which ensure more privacy.
  • The bar area has a separate ceiling, to divide it from the whole interior, and leave it as independent as possible.
  • A stage is created, where different events can be held, and can be seen from basically
    everywhere in the cafe. Also, there is a wide TV there, to be used for different types of projections
    and enetertainment.
  • A different level is set into the bottom part of the cafe. It creates a better view to the
    outside, and to the stage as well. Using the higher level, an internal sofa area is created,
    divided in a way from everything else. It can be used as a book club, or by bigger groups
    of people together.
  • Role Interior design, planning and visualisation
  • For Accademia Italiana Firenze
  • Date 2014
  • Type Public interior design

View of the study area

Initial sketches of the levels and elements of the interior.

Initial sketches of the elements.

Interior plan – top view

Side section towards the terrace

View of the bar zone

View from the bottom part of the space, showing the levelling

View towards the entrance and bar area, from the higher level

View from the study area, towards the bar and bookshelves

View of the leveled seating area