Office accessories

The set of office accessories Bettonix consists of 3 objects, essential for any work desk – a pencil holder, a business card holder and a paper holder. They all have a conceptual, visual and functional connection. The materials, used for construction are wood and concrete – flexible and widespread, they are a great choice for many producers. In this case the accent color of the pieces is golden, making them fit for various environments. However, the simple design of the objects makes them highly customizable and functional.
The creation of Bettonix is quick, inexpensive and simple. The contemporary and fine design of the accessories makes them a beautiful finishing touch to any work table.

  • Role Concept, design and production
  • For “Furniture of the year ” design competition
  • Date 2015
  • Type Product design

The final set

Sketches of the accessories

How it`s made
The wooden molds for the bases

How it`s made
Molds for the concrete base

Paper cube holder

Detail of the pencil holder