Drawing around Cartagena, Colombia was such a treat!

The colors and energy of this old city are absolutely unforgettable!

The latest project my team worked on was this bright studio, located in Sofia. We replaced everything – from the sofa, through the drapes to the teacups. The keywords for this project were : budget and comfort. I believe that we reached a simple, yet opulent design, that would make one feel right at home.

I am happy to present a project me and my colleagues have worked on – an apartment, designed for a vacation stay in the beautiful town of Kyustendil. The space was an old, big and unused attic, which we renovated and turned into a unique accomodation. We have combined hand-crafted furniture with vintage pieces to create an eclectic atmosphere, you can spot something new and intriguing everytime you enter. The space is an open studio, consisting of a kitchenette, dining area, double bed and a bathroom, all located on the last floor of a building of historical significance, known as “Migeva house”.

Right now me and my colleagues are working on an exciting project for a new two bedroom apartment. We created a contemporary design, with a Scandinavian touch in mainly pastels. Next on, the wall decoration and wall colours will be chosen.